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Christopher Macgowan, Conference Moderator

Aftersales – Today, tomorrow and beyond

Steve Young, managing director, ICDP

Steve will look at how changes in network structures and consumer behaviour will mean tried-and-tested methods and approaches will no longer work. He will explain how businesses are likely to operate more service-only points, and do more work for the manufacturers on service plans. At the same time they will face better informed and more demanding customers. Steve will look at these trends and what they point to for the sector over the next few years.

Aftersales – Today, tomorrow and beyond

Chris Oakham, director, Trend Tracker

Chris will examine how a range of trends, including the larger proportion of cars aged 4-13 years has changed the landscape of the automotive aftermarket, and what this will mean for dealers going forward, including a shift from warranty to retail work.

Making online work for you - Everything you always wanted to know about video, but were afraid to ask

Alistair Horsburgh, chief executive officer, CitNOW

Alistair will demonstrate the benefits that online video content can provide to dealerships and their customers within the aftersales process. He will also share fascinating insights into how dealerships are embracing the use of video services within their workshops and the results being achieved. This session is essential if you want to know how to increase red and amber work by an average of 25% - 40%, reduce down time, improve customer satisfaction scores and build greater trust with your customers.

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Interactive workshops

For full workshop details, please see the workshop page.

Interactive workshops

For full workshop details, please see the workshop page.

Refreshments & networking
Customer retention and return

Adam Goran, divisional director for customer engagement, Grass Roots

Grass Roots is the world's leading provider of customer and employee engagement. It services more than 60% of the Top 100 Global Brands, and counts among its customers BMW, Barclays, Microsoft and O2.

Adam will look at customer retention and return, and how proactive marketing and innovative communications strategies can help reduce drain among existing customers, as well as help bringing back former customers.

Maximising aftersales – Service plans

Angela Barrow, managing director of Motor Service Plans UK & Europe, EMaC

Angela will outline the importance of integrating service plans into the sales process for every car, new and used to increase customer lifetime value, customer retention and improved customer satisfaction.  She will explain how important it is that the offer fits with the dealer’s brand and their wider approach.

How to win more fleet business

Mark Connor, operations director, Zenith

Franchised dealers could be taking a much larger chunk of vehicle servicing required by the fleet sector, but are still falling short in a number of key areas. Flexibility and reliability are key and Mark will explain how dealers can make their offering more attractive to fleets.

Increased efficiency

Charles Eveson, managing director, Kernahan Service

Closing the conference, Charles Eveson brings the day’s sessions to a close with a look at what lessons in efficiency franchised dealers can take from independents and authorised repairers. Charles will look at how franchised dealers can maximise aftersales methods and upsell opportunities.

Chairman’s closing remarks & conference close